Published by Neide Published on November 17, 2017

Hello Lilyians! As you must know, Lily is the face of the new Lancôme fragrance titled Miracle Secret! Earlier today a commercial was released for the product, along with a interview in which Lily reveals some of her secrets. Screen Captures from both videos can be found in our gallery, along with new promotional photos!

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Published by Neide Published on November 15, 2017

Hello Lilyians! Our girl is the face of Lancôme’s new Miracle fragrance and we bring you photos from the promotional photoshoot. Hopefully more will get released, along with the commercial.

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Published by Neide Published on November 11, 2017

DuJour has published an article listing five actresses and how far they have gotten in their career since they were first covered by the publication. Lily is one of the chosen ladies, and you can read her article bellow!

Collins has portrayed women preoccupied with perfection before. In last year’s Rules Don’t Apply, for which DuJour profiled the 28-year-old, she played Marla Mabrey, a “virtuous beauty pageant winner” and aspiring starlet with whom Collins possessed certain parallels as well. “Marla had wanted everything within her control to be ‘just so’ in order to catch the eye of Howard Hughes. It was important to her to look a certain way and behave in a particular manor in order to fit in, based on common traits she saw among the other girls she was competing with,” says Collins, who, as a one-time deb at Paris’s aristocratic Bal de Débutantes, has survived her fair share of pageantry. “Both women, Marla and Ellen, wanted others to accept them in some way but they had different ways of expressing it,” she adds. “Ellen’s just manifested itself in a more harmful way and was more psychologically challenging to portray.”


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Hello Lilyians! Today we bring you photos from press conferences Lily attended while promoting her movies The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones, Rules Don’t Apply and To The Bone. Click either on the links bellow or on the pictures to be sent directly to the gallery.

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Hello Lilyians! We continue our surprises with more event updates! This time, our gallery has been updated with new photos of Lily attending events from 2010-2017 and that includes events we were missing in our gallery.

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Published by Neide Published on November 7, 2017

Hello Lilyians! We’re taking a brief pause on our surprises to update our gallery with photos of Lily and her Tolkien co-star Nicholas Hoult on set of the film these past few days (including today). The duo were spotted filming in Liverpool and Merseyside.

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Hello Lilyians! Today we kick-off a very special week, in which we will update our gallery with new photos of Lily attending events, press conferences and more over the years! To start we have added photos from events Lily attended from 1999 to 2009, including some missing events so make sure to check that out by clicking on the links bellow! Keep an eye out on our site and follow us on twitter @mscollinsnet (new twitter user to match our new domain) for all updates!

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Hello Lilyians! We have the first photos of Lily on set of Tolkien, the biopic on J.R.R. Tolkien. As reported before, Lily is set to play Edith Bratt, Tolkien’s great love, and eventual wife who inspired the elven princess characters in the Lord of the Rings saga. She was spotted filming a few scenes for the movie with co-star Nicholas Hoult, in Liverpool.

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