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Lily is this week’s covergirl for The Edit! She is promoting both Okja, which was released yesterday on Netflix, and To The Bone, premiering on the same platform on July 14. Our gallery has been updated with the issue’s featured photoshoot, and we’ll add sans from it as soon as we can.

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Shape is not the only magazine Lily will be on the cover of next month! It has been announced earlier that she would be on the cover of the upcoming July issue of Glamour Mexico, and of course, we’re graced with another gorgeous photoshoot! The cover has been added to our gallery, along with outtakes!

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Hello Lilyians! Lily is on the cover of the July/August issue of Shape and doesn’t she just look gorgeous?! Fair to say Lily is slaying 2017 with her amazing photoshoots, this one being no exception. I’ve added to the gallery the cover of the issue, along with three outtakes from the photoshoot. Hopefully more will be released soon!

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In this exclusive first look at the July-August 2017 issue of Shape magazine, Lily Collins is once again getting candid about her past struggles with eating disorders.

“I never dreamed I’d be posing in a bikini on the cover of Shape. It’s a complete 180 for me. It’s a magazine about what it means to be healthy,” the actress reveals.

“I used to see healthy as this image of what I thought perfect looked like—the perfect muscle definition, etc. But healthy now is how strong I feel. It’s a beautiful change, because if you’re strong and confident, it doesn’t matter what muscles are showing. Today I love my shape. My body is the shape it is because it holds my heart.”

The Mirror Mirror star didn’t start out as an actress but instead, took the role of a journalist.  At age 15, she began writing and corresponding for Elle Girl U.K., and in 2008, she appeared as a reporter for Nickelodeon on the U.S. presidential election.  She later continued her writing career for Cosmo Girl and the Los Angeles Times Magazine.  Her journalism background helped share her story which led to writing a book.

“In October 2015, when I got the book deal, I wasn’t filming anything. Then I got flooded with work. People told me to put the book on hold, but I knew it would be worth it to keep going. And as luck would have it, To the Bone came up” where Collins will be playing a woman sent to a rehab center for her eating disorder.

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Lily is on the May 27 issue of Mujer Hoy, and we’ve added to our gallery scans from the issue along with some outtakes! How beautiful does Lily look? This surely has become one of our favorite shoots of Lily!

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Lily is featured in the Summer issue of Crash magazine and we bring you four outtakes from the shoot! Enjoy.

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Ten years ago, actress Lily Collins was on vacation in Cannes with her family when she first saw the Grand Palais. “I remember seeing the steps and thinking, ‘One day maybe, that would be amazing.’ And now, I’m walking the steps, linking arms with my co-stars. It is such a crazy, magical experience!” beamed Collins, 28, catching a break at the Carlton Hotel, where her film Okja, premiered to raves the night before. It is the newest film from Korean director Bong Joo Hoo, and follows Mija (An Seo Hyun), a young girl in South Korea whose best friend Okja, is a friendly gigantic pig. But when an evil food company, headed by Lucy Mirando (Tilda Swinton) and Dr. Johnny Wilcox (Jake Gyllenhall), takes Okja into captivity for experiments, Mija sets out on a rescue mission with the help of Red (Collins) and Jay (Paul Dano). Collins, fresh off Warren Beatty’s Rules Don’t Apply, wasn’t the slightest bit overwhelmed by the Cannes experienced, but she did admit it was a lot to take in. “Premiering a film here is surreal, I’ve never seen so many photographers in one space—the music, everything, it’s so strange. It’s unlike anything I’ve ever experienced.”

So this is your first Cannes!

Yes, it’s so fun, but it’s so much. There’s really never a dull moment. it keeps you guessing— you’re like, what am I going to do next? What else can I fit into my schedule?

Did Tilda Swinton or Bong Joo Hoo give you any advice about the festival before?

Tilda was saying it’s going to be unlike anything I had ever seen. She told me to just soak it all in. I was talking to Paul and Jake about what happens after the premiere, when it all finishes— there is either clapping or booing, and you have a camera on you, and your seated in the center of the cinema. They were prepping me on when that might happen, so when the credits finished I was gearing up. It’s the strangest thing, all of a sudden the camera films you to witness the audience’s response. And I just looked at my co-stars, like ‘This is so strange!’ It’s like a fish bowl; you’re in the middle of the theater. Director Bong has been on the jury before, and Tilda, Jake [Gyllenhaal], and Paul have too, so they’ve been giving me some pointers. I’ve also been running into people at the festival that I know, who have been so helpful in reaffirming the fact that it’s mental.

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Five years after playing Snow White in Mirror, Mirror, actress Lily Collins found herself inside a real-life princess fantasy, at her first ever Cannes Film Festival.

“From the iconic red staircase and bright blue sea to delicious ice cream on the Croisette and hearing sounds of celebration from my balcony, it’s all been utterly unforgettable,” Collins wrote to Vanity Fair about her inaugural French Riviera fest.

The actress walked the Palais red carpet holding hands with co-star Tilda Swinton and debuted her film—Bong Joon-ho’s thought-provoking drama Okja—to critical raves. Gushed Collins, “My first Cannes experience has been a complete sensory overload.”


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In To the Bone, Lily Collins plays Ellen, a 20-year-old illustrator whose battle with anorexia has brought her to the brink of death. Collins, petite even by Hollywood standards, had to lose serious weight in order to play Ellen. It’s the sort of role that someone who once suffered from an eating disorder, as Collins did, might shy away from. But she embraced the complicated challenge in a healthy way. “[The producers and director] were all female and they were very motherly,” she says. “We worked with a nutritionist, and [the weight loss] was done in a specific, calming, loving way.”

Collins read the script for the film—based on director Marti Noxon’s own struggle with the disorder—in the midst of writing Unfiltered, a book of personal essays. She had just finished a chapter on her eating disorder. “It was like the universe throwing it at me, saying, ‘I think this is something important for you to go through.’” Having overcome her issues, Collins is able to bring a sense of hope to the role. “I had all of the stages there to give to Ellen,” she says. “She doesn’t know how to reach them yet.”

From the very beginning of the film, there’s a steely strength to Ellen. The same can’t be said for other characters at the group home where Ellen is admitted. That’s the reality of addiction: many addicts never recover, but the hope is that movies like this can help. “I would have loved to have seen something like [To the Bone] when I first started having my problems,” says Collins. In the end, Collins lived with the character for the month it took to complete the film. “It was a really long month,” she says. “But how awesome to face a fear head-on like that?”

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