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After attending The BAFTA Los Angeles Tea Party, Lily made her to The Art Of Elysium’s 12th Annual Celebration where she debuted a beautiful floral Elie Saab gown. Photos from the event have been added to the gallery!

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Happy New Year, Lilyians! Lily was out for the first time this year yesterday, as she attended The BAFTA Los Angeles Tea Party. Our gallery has been updated with photos and portraits taken during the event!

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Hello Lilyians! As you know, 2018 is coming to an end and once more we thought it would be a great idea to take a look back at how this year has been for Lily with A YEAR IN REVIEW post! This year has been quite busy for Lily – She filmed the movies Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile,  Halo of Stars and the British mini-series Les Misérables! Truly, it has been quite a busy year for Lily and we can only wish success for all these upcoming movies. Now, let’s move onto our recap!

2018 kicked-off with the news that Lily would be starring in BBC Les Misérables Mini-Series, as Fantine. She would also be seen on set of Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile in Ohio in late January. Then in February, Lancôme announced a partnership with NGO Care, #WriteHerFuture, that aims to provide worldwide literacy programs to young women. Lily was one of the celebrities to show her support for the cause. She made her first official public appearance in March, by attending We Day UK and sharing her words of wisdom: “You aren’t alone. You’re never alone. When we use our voices to speak out and share our stories, we create a positive space for others to do the same.” / “It’s time to take our power back and be brave. If you want to speak up, speak up. Don’t ask yourselves, “Why now?” Ask, “Why not now?”

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Hello Lilyians! While promoting Les Misérables about two weeks ago in United Kingdom, she stopped by Lorraine to speak about the television mini-series and how she handles challenging characters. Lily’s episode aired this morning and i bring you not only photos of Lily at the talk show but also one video published on the official Youtube channel!

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Lily Collins was on the cover of December 16th issue of Stella. Looking absolutely beautiful, as always, Lily speaks about beating anorexia, overshadowing her father and starring in BBC’s Les Misérables. You can read the full article below, and check out the photos in our gallery!

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A few months ago, Phil Collins told his daughter that he’d heard a British DJ introduce one of his songs with the words: ‘For those of you who don’t know, this is Lily Collins’s dad.’ ‘He thought it was so funny,’ chuckles the 29-year-old actor. ‘And so did I. It’s just interesting, I guess, how different generations get defined by different things.’

As one of the defining voices of the 1980s and a man who remains one of the world’s bestselling artists, it would have been easy for Collins to overshadow his multitalented daughter’s success. Certainly, when I first interviewed Lily five years ago for the romcom Love, Rosie, she was still being defined not just by her famous father, but the Audrey Hepburn-esque looks that had won her modelling contracts as a teenager living in LA.

Since we last saw each other, Lily has redefined herself on her own terms. And when UK audiences are treated to her nuanced, poignant portrayal of Cosette’s desperate mother, Fantine, in the lavish new six-part BBC adaptation of Victor Hugo’s Les Misérables, they won’t see Phil Collins’s daughter but a remarkable British-born talent at the top of her game.

‘I had a few friends in the musical version, and I was so keen to play this part in what’s a very different adaptation,’ says Lily of the role that won Anne Hathaway an Oscar – a role she begged producers to be allowed to audition for, so desperate was she to be involved.

That the director, Tom Shankland, had decided against his being a musical adaptation meant the all-star cast – including Dominic West as Jean Valjean, David Oyelowo as Javert and Olivia Colman as Madame Thénardier – were able to return to Hugo’s original characters, she says. ‘And getting to work through the whole arc of Fantine’s life was incredible. Although in fact the death scene was filmed on day two,’ she adds with a side smile. ‘So it was a case of, “Hi, nice to meet you – I’m about to die”.’

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While doing press for Les Misérables, Lily revealed to DigitalSpy the advice Anne Hathaway, who played Fantine in the big-screen version of the musical, gave her when they ran into each other at an event. You can read all about it below!

Lily Collins is tackling the challenging role of tragic Fantine in the BBC’s new version of Les Misérables – and has revealed that she received an important piece of advice from Anne Hathaway.

Hathaway won the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress for her portrayal of Fantine in the big-screen version of the musical Les Mis, while Collins is appearing in a TV version based on Victor Hugo’s original novel – so no songs.

Though she was instructed by series director Tom Shankland to “disregard all previous adaptations”, Collins encountered Hathaway by coincidence at “a big fashion event”, where the pair spoke about their parallel experiences.

Speaking at a press launch for the BBC series, she explained: “I was leaving the bathroom and [Hathaway] was walking towards me – I don’t really know her… I thought, ‘I’m playing you!’ but I didn’t want to say that!”

The pair were eventually introduced by a mutual friend. “I didn’t ask for any advice,” Collins said. “But she said to me, ‘Just don’t lose yourself, because it can get really tough – that’s a really overwhelming character and it goes very deep and it’s very emotional’.

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Great news, Lily is on the cover of the December issue of Glamour UK and in a very beautiful photoshoot as you can check below! Along with the beautiful outtakes i bring you an interview from the magazine, where Lily speaks about Les Misérables, famous family and dating!

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2018 was the year of fearless female performances but THE TV Christmas blockbuster, Les Misérables, saves the best for last with Lily Collins’ star turn as Fantine. Here she navigates the minefield of millennial dating, -13°C locations and a late-twenties crisis with GLAMOUR’S Josh Newis-Smith.

“I’ve been ghosted more times than I care to admit,” Lily confesses, as we discuss the minefield that is millennial dating. Adorned in a slouchy black hoodie with her hair scraped back into a care-free ponytail and barely a lick of make-up, Lily could be any twenty-something in debrief mode.

In fact, the only indication that this is a Golden Globe nominee who since starting to act at the age of two, has carved a place for herself as a go-to starlet – in such varied roles in Rules Don’t ApplyMirror Mirror and Love, Rosie– is the vast Hollywood home that plays backdrop to our interview and her GLAMOUR cover shoot.

About to hit our screens in her career-defining role as Fantine, who is dumped unceremoniously by her lover – Victorian ghosting if you will – and left to fend for her child alone, we are musing on how, just like the iconic character, Lily has navigated her own fair share of heart ache. “There are times when I’ve [been on dates and] thought we had a great time and then I’ve never heard from the guy again,” she continues. With this level of ‘gal pal’ magnetism it’s no wonder she has garnered 11 million Instagram followers, and counting. “Sometimes that happens after one date, a couple of dates or one month. I would prefer people to be honest with me, as I live like that. I don’t think it will be something I can ever figure out. The good thing is that we all have the same issues.” Alexa, play Thank U, Next by Ariana Grande…

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BBC has released promotional photos, including episodic stills of Les Misérables, and some just happen to feature Lily in her role as Fantine! The mini-series is set to premiere December 30 on BBC but while we wait, take a look at these photos!

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