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Lily Collins Says There Are “Sex and the City” Easter Eggs in “Emily in Paris”

Hello Lilyians! Last Thursday, Lily made an appearance on Variety and IHeart podcast The Big Ticket, during which she spoke about her new project, Emily in Paris. You can listen to the full episode below, and we’ve also added to our gallery two outtakes taken for Variety.

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Before the world went into lockdown, when Americans were free to travel internationally, Lily Collins was crisscrossing continents. The Golden Globe-nominated actor was shooting her new Netflix series “Emily in Paris” in the City of Lights, as well as working in Los Angeles on David Fincher’s “Mank” — a drama about the making of “Citizen Kane.”

In “Emily,” premiering on Netflix on Oct. 2, she stars as the title character, a young fashion marketing exec who is transferred from Chicago to Paris, where she doesn’t know anyone and can’t speak French. Slowly, she finds new friends and, of course, romance. 

“You can see it in the first episode that Emily doesn’t have to change who she is in order to be ultimately embraced and understood,” Collins, 31, says on Thursday’s episode of the Variety and iHeart podcast “The Big Ticket.” “She’s obvious; she’s loud in her fashion and in her facial expressions. She’s very much set in who she is, but she’s also willing to embrace change and new ideas and new people and learn about herself — and also in turn, teach other people. We didn’t have this transformation scene where she goes into a dressing room as Emily from America and comes out as Parisian Emily, and people are like, ‘Oh, now we understand you.’”

The 10-episode series is from “Sex and the City” creator Darren Star, with a fabulous wardrobe by “SATC” costume designer Patricia Field.

Is “Emily in Paris” considered “Sex and the City” for a new generation? 
We really wanted to make sure that Emily was not a new Carrie. We wanted Emily to be Emily and stand alone. But I also feel, and Darren agrees, that I think Emily grew up watching “Sex and the City.” I think she loved Carrie Bradshaw. I think she loved Audrey Hepburn. I think she read all the pages of Glamour and Vogue and Elle and all those magazines. I think that probably Carrie was one of those inspirations to her, as were all the other women in that show.
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Lily Collins on Meeting Princess Diana, Tilda Swinton’s Advice, and What She Told Meryl Streep

Lily is featured in the latest episode of Vanity Fair’s podcast “In the Limelight” where she speaks about her very busy year, working with her The Last Tycoon co-stars Matt Bomer and Kelsey Grammer, the feedback she has gotten from To The Bone, career goals, role models and so much more. You can listen to the podcast bellow (Lily’s interview starts at 24:45)!

Lily Collins is having a very busy 2017. The actress released her memoir—Unfiltered: No Shame, No Regrets, Just Me—in the spring. And this summer, two of her films—Okja and To the Bone—have hit Netflix. Collins also has a new show debuting this week—her first television series role—with Amazon’s gorgeous The Last Tycoon, set in 1930s Hollywood, also starring Matt Bomer and Kelsey Grammer.

For this week’s episode of Vanity Fair’s “In The Limelight,” co-host Josh Duboff sat down with Collins—daughter of Phil—in New York to discuss her busy year. The actress spills on what it was like to act opposite Bomer (“He’s just absolutely beautiful—in the 1930s or 2017”) and have Grammer play her dad (“He called me ‘kiddo’ from day one”) in Tycoon. She also discusses the feedback and response she has come across in response to To the Bone, in which Collins plays a woman struggling with a severe eating disorder (“It’s been incredible to see the amount of young people coming out and sharing their stories”).

Collins also shared on a variety of other topics and co-stars.

On her career goals: I have a list of things I’d like to do. That includes work as well as travel, as well as just life in general. Would love to do a flat-out comedy. Love Paul Feig. Would love to do a British sweeping period drama, a la a Joe Wright situation… Would love to have kids. Would love to go travel to Thailand and stay in a treehouse. I’d love to learn how to bake better…

On her acting role models: Audrey Hepburn. Obvious, but Meryl Streep. It’s about the longevity of their careers. Natalie Portman. Cate Blanchett. Love Penélope Cruz. And all these women are mothers. And what I love is that they are proof that you can do both, that you can have both. You can have a career, and do what you do, and then have your family as well.

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Lily Collins on “Happy Sad Confused” Podcast

While promoting Okja and To The Bone about two weeks ago, Lily stopped by the MTV studios where she chat with Josh Horowitz. While we had no confirmation at the time, we speculated that she would be making an appearance on Happy Sad Confused… And we were right! The brand new episode of MTV’s podcast was released earlier in which Lily speaks about the two Netflix movies, her book and much more! You can listen to it bellow.


Lily Collins has never been one to waste time. As a teenager she flirted with a career in journalism, but decided to double down on her passion for acting and things have been paying off in a big way ever since.

Since her film debut in The Blind Side, she’s led fantasy films like Mirror Mirror and The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones, but 2017 will likely be the year she’ll look back on as a game changer.

In this, her first visit to “Happy Sad Confused,” Collins talks openly about growing up as the daughter of a pop icon (Genesis’ Phil Collins), why she decided to open about intensely private subjects like an eating disorder in her book Unfiltered, and what it was like to audition for a Star Wars movie.

She also discusses her roles in three new projects, two films on Netflix, To The Bone, a candid film about recovery from Marti Noxon, Okja, a wild adventure from Bong Joon-ho, and the Amazon series, The Last Tycoon.


Lily Collins Talks New Book “Unfiltered”

Lily Collins is opening up about some personal and relatable struggles in her new book Unfiltered: No Shame, No Regrets, Just Me., a collection of essays about the things young women struggle with every day including body image, self-confidence, relationships, family, and dating.

“The book is a collection of different conversations I’m starting about topics that every young girl, I think, can go through,” she told On Air with Ryan Seacrest via FaceTime Tuesday morning. “[It’s] just anything that it means to grow up and become a young women, even things that a lot of guys can go through as well. But as a young person, you consider a lot of these things to be off limits or too taboo to discuss, and the second you start venting about it with friends, you realize you’re not alone.”

Like her character Ellen in To The Bone, the actress suffered from an eating disorder as a teenager. She first revealed her past struggle for the first time during an interview with IMDb Studio at the 2017 Sundance Film Festival. Collins told OAWRS that the root of her eating disorder was the obsession to take control.

“A lot of the insecurities I talk about in the book came from a place of wanting to feel in control because the industry that we’re in is, you’re kind of out of control a lot. Especially when you’re growing up and welcoming yourself into your new body,” she said. “For me, I tried to control what was going on inside my brain.”

She added: “I think a lot of people we’re really surprised, but I think that’s a good thing. It wasn’t the purpose of me writing it, but I think that if that’s something that can come of it, it’s that you can’t based on what you think you know.”


‘Awards Chatter’ Podcast — Lily Collins

Hello Lilyians! The Hollywood Reporter has published today a new episode of Awards Chatter and guess who was the special guest? Lily Collins, everyone! You can listen to the podcast’s episode bellow.