Published by Neide Published on January 30, 2019

A bit late, but here we are – a masterpost that includes all interviews released of Lily and the cast of Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil And Vile at Sundance 2019, including the Q&A that took place after the premiere! You can watch them below and under the cut.

Published by Neide Published on January 26, 2019

If you follow Lily on instagram, you must know that recently she shot a secret project with Noah Centineo. Well, looks like said secret project was a music video which premiered today! You can watch the beautiful music video, which stars Lily and Noah, plus is directed by Noah, below. Screen Captures have been added to the gallery as well!

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Published by Neide Published on December 21, 2018

Hello Lilyians! While promoting Les Misérables about two weeks ago in United Kingdom, she stopped by Lorraine to speak about the television mini-series and how she handles challenging characters. Lily’s episode aired this morning and i bring you not only photos of Lily at the talk show but also one video published on the official Youtube channel!

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Hello Lilyians! Lily was just about two hours ago on BBC’s The One Show with Les Misérables co-star David Oyelowo. The two were on the talk show to speak about BBC’s MiniSeries set to air on television next year. You can watch the video below, thanks to DONALD TV.

Published by Neide Published on August 8, 2018

Hello Lilyians! Today we were blessed with a new Lily photoshoot, and doesn’t she look absolutely gorgeous! Joining Givenchy’s artist director Clare Waight, the powerful duo is the cover of InStyle’s September issue! Outtakes from the photo session have been added to our gallery, and you can read the interview posted on InStyle’s website and watch the behind-the-scenes below!

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Actress Lily Collins remembers meeting Waight Keller a decade ago when she was invited to attend one of the designer’s first shows for Pringle. “I walked into my fitting, and she was just a ball of energy but also incredibly calm,” Collins says. “I thought, ‘This is so strange — how is she so levelheaded and at the same time so energetic? Doesn’t she have a show tomorrow?’ She is just so passionate and vibrant when she talks.”

Collins, who was filming the BBC production of Les Misérables in Brussels just before flying to Paris for her InStyle shoot, felt as if she were reuniting with an old girlfriend. She had already traveled with the designer to Tokyo for a brand event and to New York to attend the Met Gala, where she wore a Givenchy couture gown that combined layers of black satin, organza, and radzimir with a white trim around the loose collar, a not-quite-chaste interpretation of a nun’s habit.

“It was so beautifully telling of that line between making a statement and not being too costumey,” Collins says. “I think that is what Clare is doing with the brand.”

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Givenchy has published a video of Lily getting ready for the Met Gala this Monday, and you can watch it bellow!

Published by Neide Published on April 20, 2018

Hello Lilyians! Yesterday Lily attended the We Day California in Inglewood, during which she discussed being inspired by the teen-organized gun control protests and spoke about Generation We alongside Jenna Ortega and Lonnie Chavis. Photos from the event have been added to our gallery (thank you to my friend Maria for some of the photos) and you can find an interview from the red carpet and a clip from inside the event bellow!

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Hello Lilyians! Today was a very special day as Lily presented the Film Independent 2018 Spirit Awards nominees with Tessa Thompson. Photos from the press conference featuring the two beautiful ladies have been added to our gallery, and you can also watch the video bellow in case you missed the announcement!

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