Published by Neide Published on September 29, 2017

Hello Lilyians! We start this post by apologizing on the delay of screen captures from the last two episodes of The Last Tycoon, but they’re finally here! High definition screen captures from episodes 1.08 (“An Enemy Among Us”) and 1.09 (“Oscar, Oscar, Oscar”) have been added to our gallery but that’s not all – Promotional photos, behind the scenes, stills and screen captures from An Inside Look featurette have been added as well! Another surprise we have for all you Tycooner fans is a page dedicated to the show! In this page you will find a description on the show, trivia, quotes, and an episode guide of all the episodes from season 1. We wrap this post to ask you to sign a petition to bring The Last Tycoon back – A movement created by fans of the show that just like us, want to watch more of this fantastic show.

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Published by Neide Published on September 10, 2017

Hey Lilyians! Today we bring you sad news — Variety has reported that The Last Tycoon has been canceled, and that means the adventures of Cecelia Brady have come to an end. You can read the full report bellow!

Just a couple of weeks after Amazon debuted The Last Tycoon, the streaming service has abruptly canceled the F. Scott Fitzgerald drama, Variety confirmed on Saturday.

Amazon Studios scrapped plans for a second season of another Fitzgerald drama, Z: The Beginning of Everything, starring Christina Ricci, just a couple of days ago. Both cancellations seem to reflect a sea change at Amazon Studios, one mandated by Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos.

Variety broke the news on Friday night that Bezos is pushing Amazon Studios toward a massive strategy shift, looking for the streaming service to find its own global hit like Game of Thrones. In an interview, Amazon Studios chief Roy Price said they’re looking for “big shows that can make the biggest difference around the world.”

News also broke Friday of a slew of orders Amazon Studios has made to reflect that broad, global appeal. The streaming service gave series orders to a drama from Wong Kar-wai and a comedy starring Fred Armisen and Maya Rudolph, in addition to three more shows.

The Last Tycoon’s cancellation follows the axing of several other shows that lasted only one season at Amazon Studios, including Good Girls Revolt and Mad Dogs.

The Last Tycoon starred Kelsey Grammer, Matt Bomer, and Jennifer Beals, and followed the power struggle between Bomer’s wunderkind studio executive Monroe Stahr and his boss, Grammer’s studio head Pat Brady, in 1930s Hollywood. In her review for Variety, Maureen Ryan called it “a lovely period piece that contains several top-notch performances.”

Published by Neide Published on September 4, 2017

Hello Lilyians! We want to apologize on the delay of last week’s screen captures of The Last Tycoon, and to make it up for that not only we’ve added to our gallery high definition screen captures from episode 6 (“A Brady-American Christmas”) but also from episode 7 (“A More Perfect Union”) which were supposed to be uploaded to the gallery tomorrow! Episode stills from episode 6 were also added to the gallery, as you can check out bellow!

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Published by Neide Published on August 24, 2017

Hey Lilyians! A bit late but we’ve added to our gallery high definition screen captures from the fifth episode of The Last Tycoon, titled “Eine Kleine Reichmusik”. Episode stills can also be found in the gallery.

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Hello Lilyians! We bring you today high definition screen captures from the fourth episode of The Last Tycoon, titled “Burying The Boy Genius”! Another interesting episode for sure. Screen captures from the fifth episode will be out next week!

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Happy Monday, Lilyians! And as today is Monday you know what that means… Screen captures from an episode of The Last Tycoon! Are you guys watching it? I hope you guys are enjoying this show because we’re absolutely loving it and Lily’s performance as Celia Brady! I’ve added to our gallery high definition screen captures from episode 3, titled “More Stars Than There Are In Heaven”, along with exclusive stills from episode 1, 2 and 3!

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Hello Lilyians! As you might know, all episodes of The Last Tycoon are now avaliable on Amazon Prime Video! We have added to our gallery high definition screencaptures from the second episode, titled “Nobody Recasts Like Monroe”. We have also replaced the screencaptures that were already in our gallery from the first episode with better quality ones!

We decided to not upload to our gallery screencaptures from all the episodes at once, due to the fact many don’t have the chance to binge watch the show and as we know, screencaptures might reveal huge spoilers. That said, each week we’ll add screencaptures from one episode of the show. Next week, it will be episode 3.

NOBODY RECASTS LIKE MONROE — Monroe’s personal life heats up as he pursues the beautiful Kathleen, who pushes against the idea of being a replacement for Minna. Pat Brady’s pet project has a devastating debut, forcing him to accept Monroe’s help. Celia gets cozy in her role as producer, so Hackett takes it upon himself to give her an education.

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Published by Neide Published on July 27, 2017

Sitting down with Digital Spy, Lily tells the publication about how she walked into the audition room and in the end, secured her role as Cecelia Brady in The Last Tycoon. A very short talk, where she also discusses the appeal of picking TV roles over movie ones, and you can read all about it bellow!

Lily Collins has suggested that her lifelong obsession with old-Hollywood glamour was pivotal in securing her a role in Amazon Prime’s 1930s drama The Last Tycoon.

The actress plays “go-getter” Cecelia Brady in the TV adaptation of F Scott Fitzgerald’s last, unfinished roman-à-clef, which follows the ambitions of young executive Monroe Stahr (Matt Bomer) and his power struggle with studio boss Pat Brady, Cecilia’s father (Kelsey Grammer). Written and directed by Oscar-nominated screenwriter Billy Ray (Captain Phillips, The Hunger Games), the series also captures an era darkened by the Depression and the growing influence of Hitler.

“I’ve been so obsessed with old Hollywood forever,” Collins told Digital Spy. “And Cecelia is so multilayered, she’s fascinating. She’s naïve, she’s feisty, she’s passionate, compassionate, hardworking, and a go-getter – all these adjectives of a character that I would love to play around with. I went in the audition, and I was the only one to read for him [writer-director Billy Ray] and I dressed in 1930s hair and make-up and wardrobe.”

The series has recruited a team which includes Oscar-winning production designer Patrizia von Brandenstein, and Emmy-winning costume designer Janie Bryant (Mad Men) to bring Hollywood’s golden era to life.

Collins also discussed the appeal of picking TV roles over movie ones, saying there’s longer to “flesh out” a role, and an excitement at not knowing what will come next for your character. “You have so much time to flesh out a character and you get to spend more time with the people you’re working with, and develop relationships on camera that you would have to beat along in a film,” Collins continued.

“Because you have longer to tell their story, and the pedigree of this project was so amazing, it felt like a mini-film. You couldn’t tell this story in a film; it had been done before, but the idea that it was left unfinished left it open to so much more story to be told. And you don’t get to have that on a film set that you don’t know where your character story is headed in the next episode, which can be unnerving but exciting.”

The Last Tycoon is available exclusively on Amazon Prime Video from July 28.

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