Published by Mikaela Published on April 8, 2011

Fresh off of the big announcement that she’s set to play Snow White, Lily Collins is featured in the May 2011 issue of Nylon.

Tossing on a few outfits from top designers such as Ann Taylor, the darling young actress happily posed for a photo spread accompanying the magazine’s interview.

As for her chat, Miss Collins spoke about her hopes of getting into comedic films, as she said, “I’ve become obsessed with improv. I grew up watching a lot of old Steve Martin comedies; John Cleese – my dad loves all that.”

The 22-year-old also commented on her hopes of keeping level-headed as she gains more stardom, telling, “I feel it’s easy in a place like LA, or in this business, to start to take things for granted and feel like it becomes too normal – and it’s not normal!”

She added, “I hope it never becomes nomal.”

Source: Gossip Center

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