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Lily Collins in 2017: A Year in Review

Hello Lilyians! 2017 is long gone and we thought it would be a great idea to go back and take a look at how great the past year was for Lily with a A YEAR IN REVIEW post! As you guys must know, 2017 was a very busy year for Lily! Not only she finished promoting Rules Don’t Apply but she also promoted Okja, To The Bone, Amazon’s television series The Last Tycoon and released her book, Unfiltered: No Shame, No Regrets, Just Me. As a fan of Lily for many years now, i’ve never felt more proud of her as i did this year with all her accomplishments. From her princess looks to her fantastic performance in To The Bone, i most certainly can’t wait to see what this new year will bring us Lilyians. Let’s start our 2017 recap now, shall we?!

We kicked off the year with Lily attending several parties in honor of Golden Globes. For those of you who might have forgotten, Lily’s role in Rules Don’t Apply scored her a Golden Globes nomination – Best Performance by an Actress in a Motion Picture (Musical or Comedy). Very exciting times, and while Lily sadly did not win she still stole the show with her looks. Our favorite look? Certainly has to be the beautiful pink Zuhair Murad Haute Couture ball gown she wore to the big award cerenomy!

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Shortly after Golden Globes, Lily made yet another appearance at award shows – Artio Awards where she introduced an award with her Rules Don’t Apply co-star Taissa Farmiga, and Producers Guild Awards where she also introduced an award.

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January also marks Lily’s first trip to Sundance Film Festival, where she promoted To The Bone. Lily attended several lounges inside the festival where she spoke about the movie, a premiere and after party! The movie received good reviews during the festival, and not only two days later it was announced that Netflix had bought the global rights for it.

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On February 21, Lily attended the 19th Costume Designers Guild Awards where she was honored with the Lacoste Spotlight Award – given to those who have an awareness and appreciation for costume design. A very well deserved award, it was presented by her The Last Tycoon co-star Matt Bomer.

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March was a very special month for Lily as it marked the release of her book Unfiltered: No Shame, No Regrets, Just Me, an essay collection in which Lily opens up about things young women struggle with by sharing her own struggles and other bits of her life. The book was released on March 7, and Lily spoke to several online publications regarding the book. She also attended a book signing for Unfiltered and made her first appearance on Ellen!

The book was a success and it was announced by Lily via her instagram that a new edition of the book would be released this upcoming year of 2018, in March! The new edition will include a new cover, chapter and photos.

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Reports that Okja would be premiering at Cannes Film Festival arrived in April, creating quite a culture shock between Netflix and the festival as the movie would not be released in theaters at all and would instead, be streaming on Netflix. It was also during April that Lily traveled to United Kingdom to promote Rules Don’t Apply, which had its theatrical release scheduled for April 21. Joined by Warren Beatty, the actress-director duo stopped by Edith Bowman at Breakfast and This Morning to speak about the movie.

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Once Lily wrapped up promoting Rules Don’t Apply, she headed to Seattle for We Day – a celebration of youth making a difference in their local and global communities. She also co-hosted We Day California, a couple of days later.

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Stealing the show once again – That’s what Lily did when she walked the MET steps for “Rei Kawakubo/Comme Des Garcons: Art Of The In-Between” Costume Institute Gala in May, pulling a bold move by wearing a dark banged bob and black lipstick. Praised by her look at the event, Lily showed us that once again, she can pull any look.

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On May 16, Lily attended Project Heal 9th Anniversary Gala alongside To The Bone‘s director Marti Noxon where they were honored for their work in the movie and their history with eating disorders.

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News that Okja would be hitting up Netflix on June 28 arrived just a few days before the cast headed to Cannes Film Festival to promote the movie. It was also revealed that the movie would be opening in South Korea theaters, plus U.S and U.K selected theaters. Right after, it was released the official trailer for the movie that would be receiving good feedback from the audience and professional critis. Lily and the rest of Okja cast made their first appearance at Cannes Film Festival on May 19, as they attended a photocall followed by the press conference and premiere. They also did some press for the movie the following day, and Lily attended a couple of parties.

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A few days later after her trip to Cannes, Lily traveled to United Kingdom to promote Okja. She made an appearance on ITV’s Lorraine and The Chris Evans Breakfast Show where she spoke about the movie and eating disorders. In June, she attended the New York Premiere and press conference and just a few days before the movie’s release on Netflix, stopped by TODAY Show and The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon to promote the movie.

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July was another busy month for Lily. After attending a press conference for To The Bone in June 30, she attended a special screening for the movie the following day in Los Angeles. Her next appearance was at Ischia Global Film & Music Fest where not only she attended another premiere for the movie, but also received festi’s rising star award for her performance.

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Lily had a little break then for a few days before heading back to New York, this time to promote Amazon series The Last Tycoon. She attended a special screening for the series, was on Live with Kelly and Ryan, and Build Series before attending the New York premiere. The promotion for The Last Tycoon came to an end on August 7, after Lily made an appearance on The Late Late Show with James Corden.

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In late August it was reported that Lily would be joining Nicholas Hoult in J.R.R. Tolkien Biopic. She would be playing Edith Bratt, Tolkien’s (played by Nicholas Hoult) great love and filming would be taking place in United Kingdom, from October to December. In September, arrived the sad news that The Last Tycoon had gotten canceled by Amazon.

During the month of September, Lily teamed up with Taylor Kitsch and Sony for a short film – The Dig. While the short film’s plot is quite intriguing, the purpose of the film was to show off the quality of Sony’s camera VENICE.

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It was reported in October that Lily would be joining Here Comes The Grump, a animation movie in which Lily is set to voice Princess Dawn. The voicing for the movie was recorded during that month, in Los Angeles. During this month we also learnt that Lily and Tessa Thompson would be revealing Spirit Awards Nominees the following month, in November.

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In November, it was announced that Lily had joined Ted Bundy Biopic, titled Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile and she would be playing Ted Bundy’s (played by Zaz Efron) ex-girlfriend, Elizabeth Kloepfe. We also got our first look at Lily in Tolkien, as she was spotted on set in United Kingdom.

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Lily returned mid-November to Los Angeles, after wrapping up her scenes for Tolkien. She attended GO Campaign Gala during which she announced this year’s Local Heroes, and was honored to raise funds and awareness for children around the world along with Robert Pattinson. A couple of weeks later, on December 3, she attended the 6th Annual Breakthrough Prize where she and Julia Milne presented the Breakthrough Junior Challenge award to Hillary Diane A. Andales.

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Public Appearances

While we have mention several events Lily has attended in 2o17 to promote her movies plus award ceremonies, there are other events we didn’t mention and we couldn’t really gone by without doing so, especially when Lily kept on slaying with her looks.

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We were quite blessed with Lily photoshoots, one more beautiful than the other. She was photographed for several publications, such as InStyle, The Wrap, Glamour Mexico, Shape and many others! Of course, we can’t also forget the portraits taken during Sundance Film Festival and Cannes Film Festival.

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Okja was the first of Lily’s projects to be released, on June 28. Directed by Bong Joon-ho and co-written by Bong and Jon Ronson, it tells the story of a young girl who risks everything to prevent a powerful, multi-national company from kidnapping her best friend – a fascinating animal named Okja. The movie received mostly positive reviews, earning an approval rating of 86% based on 166 reviews with a weighted average of 7.5/10 on Rotten Tomatoes; and a score of 76 out of 100 on Metacritic.

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To The Bone

Another big release was To The Bone, a movie very personal for Lily. Directed and written by Marti Noxon, the movie was released worldwide July 14 on Netflix. The movie tells the story of Ellen, a young woman dealing with anorexia who meets an unconventional doctor who challenges her to face her condition and embrace life. Just like Okja, To The Bone received mostly positive reviews. It currently has a 69% approval rating based on 51 reviews with a weighted average of 6.5/10 on Rotten Tomatoes, and a score of 64 out of 100 based 14 critics on Metacritic.

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The Last Tycoon

Lily made her official return to television this past year, starring alongside Matt Bomer and Kelsey Grammer in The Last Tycoon. The show is centered on Hollywood’s first wunderkind studio executive in the 1930s, Monroe Stahr, and the power struggle between him and his mentor and current head of the studio Pat Brady. Created by Billy Ray and loosely based on F. Scott Fitzgerald’s last book of the same time, The Last Tycoon‘s first season premiered on July 28 on Amazon. Even though the show received good reviews, it didn’t score extra points with Amazon and on September 9 we received the sad news that it had been canceled. Since then, a fan petition has been put online to give the show a second season (and a proper ending) and we can only hope that either Amazon gives it a second shot or other network picks up the show and gives it some justice.

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Unfiltered: No Shame, No Regrets, Just Me

Lily also made her big debut as a writer, publishing her first book – Unfiltered: No Shame, No Regrets, Just Me. For the first time, Lily opens up about her life and her own deepest secrets, opening a poignant, honest conversation about the things young women struggle with: body image, self-confidence, relationships, family, dating and so much more. With Unfiltered, Lily reassures you that you are not alone. That she herself has gone through some situations we all have. That your differences are what makes you unique and you should embrace them, as they should be a quality we admire in ourselves. The book was released on March 7 and a new edition which includes a brand new chapter and more photos will be released this year of 2018, in March! We have highlight some of our favorite quotes from the book bellow.

  • “I am whole just as I am. I am defined not by my life experiences but by how I let them affect me and how I handle myself in each situation.”
  • “No matter what I’ve endured in the past, what I’ve put myself through, or what others have done to me, I have the ability and the will to move forward. I will not give up. I will not undervalue or underestimate my capabilities.”
  • “Be you and embrace your differences as things that make you unique and special. “Different” shouldn’t be considered confusing, negative, or something that divides us. It should be a quality we applaud and admire within ourselves and others.”
  • “Love will find you again, And you can never, ever change yourself for anyone or change yourself to fix the relationship. So if it isn’t healthy, say good-bye.”
  • “No relationship is greater than the one I have with myself. I just need to trust my gut, follow my instincts, and when someone shows me who they are, believe them.”

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Definitely one of our favorite modeling works of Lily, we absolutely love Lancôme and all of their advertising campaigns. Of course we couldn’t help ourselves and just had to mention Lily’s work for the cosmetics brand. While some projects are still top secret, Lily was photographed filming a commercial with Penelope Cruz in Barcelona in June before she headed to Shanghai, where she attended Lancôme’s “Declaring Happiness” Exhibit and did some press for the brand. Brand new campaigns were released as well, such as “Summer Swing” and “Miracle Secret”.

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Photo Diaries

It’s no news that Lily’s red carpet looks has given fashion publications a lot to talk about. Either it’s her hair, make-up or clothing, she always nails it. This past year we were given an inside look at Lily getting ready for some important events – Golden Globes, Charles Finch and Chanel Pre-Oscar Dinner, Cannes Film Festival and Givenchy’s Fashion Show.

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What’s next for Lily?

2018 promises to be yet another busy year for Lily. She’s set to begin filming Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile in January and according to IMDB, Here Comes the Grump and Halo of Stars are set for a 2018 release. While no release date has been announced, we can sure hope we’ll see more of Lily on the big screen this brand new year. You will also find bellow more information regarding her upcoming projects.


Director: Dome Karukoski
Stars: Lily Collins, Nicholas Hoult, Genevieve O’Reilly
Synopsis: J.R.R. Tolkien, a love lorn soldier, draws from an epic life on his return from the Great War to create one of the greatest works of literature in “The Lord of the Rings”.
Current status: Post-Production
Release date: TBA

Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile

Director: Joe Berlinger
Stars: Zac Efron, Lily Collins
Synopsis: A chronicle of the crimes of Ted Bundy, from the perspective of his longtime girlfriend, Elizabeth Kloepfer, who refused to believe the truth about him for years.
Current status: Pre-Production. Production is scheduled to start January 10.
Release date: TBA

Here Comes the Grump

Director: Andrés Couturier
Stars: Toby Kebbell, Lily Collins, Ian McShane
Synopsis: Balloon kingdoms, dopey police dragons and happy wizards are exactly how Terry remembered his Grandmother’s whacky fairy tales. Except they are real and it’s definitely not as ‘cheerful.’
Current status: Post-Production
Release date: 2018

Halo of Stars

Director: Anthony Lucero
Stars: Lily Collins, Holliday Grainger, Stacy Martin
Synopsis: Based on Anthony Lucero’s long poem “The Clown”. Set against the backdrop of a small traveling circus, the pic centers on a European clown and his 5-year-old daughter as they lead each other through the everyday mysteries of love, magic and loss.
Current status: Post-Production
Release date: 2018

That’s it for 2017, Lilyians! We wish Lily and her family all the best in this new year and of course, we wish all of our visitors a Happy New Year! Thank you for all your support, working on this site wouldn’t be the same without our amazing visitors.