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Lily Collins On ‘Snow White:’ ‘She Has A Taking-Control-Of-My-Destiny Side’

On Friday, April 1, Relativity Media announced that Lily Collins, co-star of the upcoming movie “Priest,” was cast as the title character in Tarsem’s adaptation of “The Brothers Grimm: Snow White.” Speakeasy sat down for an exclusive interview with Collins, where she revealed how she was cast as Snow White, and how the film will revamp the fairy tale to give it a more modern twist.

Speakeasy: What was the casting process for “Snow White,” and how much time have you spent with the director, Tarsem?
The audition process was less than 24 hours for me. I was cast yesterday, but the day before, I read at like three o’clock in the afternoon, and then met Tarsem that night and yesterday was cast. So it’s been the quickest, most incredible casting process ever. So I know he’s here, and I’m excited to get into the details of it knowing that I am the character. I’m so excited!

When you go in to an audition, do you have the character completely defined, or do you give them ideas and then fully develop her on set?
I always go into an audition fully prepared to give my perspective on it first, and then I love to play around; I’m one of the rare people that loves the audition process, because I love working with people that are going to create the film. So if I go in and do something and they respond to it or they don’t, I want to play around with the feedback they have, and then change it up quickly, or whatever it is. And then I know that on the day or if you get cast, it’s going to be a creative process all over again. So it’s just a meeting of the minds.

How much discussion or thought then have you given to making Snow White more of an empowered character, especially since she’s always been more of a victim?
She’s not written that way. In this version she’s very much the feminine Snow White young girl that you know, but she also has this really cool action, taking-control-of-my-destiny side where she finds the dwarves and she has to fight to get her kingdom back. So again, it’s a very cool arc to play, and she has to have those qualities. I mean, every young girl has both sides of that in them, so I think that’s going to be really appealing for them to see and side with her and understand her character better.

Do you have to think of the lineage of a character like that and the scrutiny people will be subjecting it to?
I think I’m so excited to be playing this iconic character that I as a little girl worshipped, and to have it “Tarsemmed,” you know, his version of it, he’s so fantastic and his imagination is – he’s a true visionary artist; like that name gets thrown around, and he truly is one. And I think anything that he is going to put into the story, or a twist on it, is going to be different in itself. Of course, every film lends itself to people saying pros and cons about it, but this is such a big deal for me as a young girl that I’m just so excited for it. There’s no negativity.

Source: Wall Street Journal