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Lily Collins Says ‘Romeo And Juliet’ Remake Is ‘Still There’

Hollywood loves a good star-crossed-lovers tale, so it’s really no surprise the epically tragic “Romeo and Juliet” has been made and remade again and again. Back in April, it was announced that Lily Collins would star in yet another retelling of the classic romance aimed at the “Twilight” audience.

Production was initially slated for October 2010 in Italy, but it seems no real developments have happened over the past nine months. With Lily’s full slate of projects—including the upcoming “City of Bones“—has “Romeo and Juliet” fallen by the wayside? When MTV News caught up with Lily to chat about her 11 for 11 honor, she assured us she is still on board for the project.

“They came to me last year with the script—it’s based in the Renaissance period—and they wanted me to play Juliet,” she said. “I’ve been a huge Shakespeare fan ever since I could read. For me, it was a dream role. I’m still attached as Juliet. With everything else that comes up, if that’s not set to go, then that gets pushed. It’s still there and I hope it does work out.”

It sounds like, if “Romeo and Juliet” does happen, it would probably begin shooting at some point next year. The film doesn’t have a director attached yet, nor a Romeo, though one has to wonder if they’re positioning the film for the “Twilight” demographic, whether Lily’s “Abduction” co-star Taylor Lautner could be a possibility for the role. We’ll wait until we see their action-thriller before we decide if their chemistry is just right to play the most famous ill-fated couple of all time.

Source: MTV