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What we know so far about Taylor Lautner’s first big non-“Twilight” movie “Abduction” is: not much. Except that he will be running. And protecting co-star Lily Collins. And peeking around things. Luckily MTV News caught up with Lily recently to get a few more details about the plot, what new sides of Taylor we’ll see in the action movie and, of course, if he’ll be shirtless at any point.

“[He is] very Jason Bourne-esque, of course with his own twist on it,” Lily explained of Taylor’s character in the film. “It’s a complete departure from Jacob. Obviously I’m in the movie so I’m biased, but I think it’s going to completely shock his fans, and people that necessarily don’t know him very well as Jacob that aren’t ‘Twilight’ fans. I think he brings an aspect people haven’t seen yet and [it’s] very, very exciting.”

Regarding how their characters come to be involved in a few life-threatening situations, Lily explained that they have a history, so to speak.

“We’ve got some awkward past that is alluded to, and we tend to avoid each other in high school,” she explained. “There’s always been something [there] but we tend to avoid each other. We’re thrown together for a school project and because I’m associated with him through that project, I then have to go on the run with him when everything starts to happen.”

But it’s not all platonic seriousness, she claimed.

“There is romance, but it’s also [we’re] partners-in-crime, we’re going through everything together.”

Now on to the important question: How often will we see Taylor shirtless?

“That is very minimal,” she said with a laugh. “It’s not about him taking his shirt off, this movie. There’s a lot more that I think makes up for that. That’s not to say that there’s not some steamy moments in the movie,” she teased.

Source: MTV

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