Welcome to Miss Lily Collins, your source on the talented British-American actress Lily Collins. You probably know Lily from movies "Mirror, Mirror", "The Mortal Instruments: City of Bone", "Love, Rosie", and most recently seen in Netflix's "Emily in Paris" and "Mank". Her upcoming projects include "Windfall" and "Gilded Rage". Our goal is to bring you with the latest news, photos and media on Lily. Thank you for visiting, we hope you enjoy your stay and come back soon!
Lily visits Jimmy Kimmel Live

Lily visited Jimmy Kimmel Live last night to promote the upcoming season of Emily in Paris, streaming December 22nd on Netflix! You can find the interview below, in which Lily also speaks about her marriage and her brother, plus photos outside the studios.


(Photos) Lily Collins for Glamour December 2021

Lily Collins (and Emily in Paris) are featured in the December issue of Glamour, and we bring you not only some behind the scenes from the upcoming season of the Netflix show but also an article with some details on what’s to come!


In September 2020, when the first trailer for a new Netflix series called Emily in Paris was released, the internet almost immediately declared it your next TV obsession. “It looks like Sex and the City set in Paris,” PopSugar wrote. “Our Younger withdrawal just got a little more manageable,” proclaimed Vulture. And here at Glamour: “Netflix Just Released the First Trailer and It’s Perfect.”

And honestly, it was. During a year without much, if any, travel, or life as we knew it, Emily in Paris was the next best thing to savoring a croissant and a latte along the Seine wearing an Alaïa dress and not the same pair of sweatpants. Lily Collins was Emily Cooper, an ambitious, fashion-obsessed marketing/social media exec from Chicago sent to the City of Light to work at marketing firm Savoir. There was also a hot French chef and a new star in Lucas Bravo. There was eclectic fashion, and thanks to Sex and the City alum Patricia Field, along with Marylin Fitoussi, every episode was like watching a stunning runway show. And with SATC creator Darren Star at the helm and Collins as the lead—it was exactly what we needed, when we needed it.

The numbers reiterated that sentiment: Netflix announced that nearly 60 million households around the world watched the frothy comedy in the first 28 days of its debut on October 2, 2020.

But were they watching it because they loved it? Or watching because they didn’t? Or a little bit of both? It depended on whom you spoke to, but what was obvious was that people had opinions, and lots of them.

Whether it was the way in which the French were depicted (smoking in offices? sacrebleu!), how Emily approached her new surroundings (nope, a basic translation app isn’t going to cut it!), or just the fact that she was wearing over-the-top designer clothes that presumably cost more than her entry-level salary (a number we still don’t know), the internet had thoughts. Perhaps Emily’s French boss, Sylvie (Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu), said it best: “You come to Paris. You walk into my office. You don’t even bother to learn the language. You treat the city like it’s your amusement park. And after a year of food, sex, wine, and maybe some culture, you’ll go back to where you came from.”
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(Photos) “Emily in Paris” Season 2 Celebration

Hello Lilyians! This past Wednesday (December 1), Lily attended Emily in Paris Season 2 Celebration in Washington, DC. As you can tell, she debuted her new look and we’re obsessed with her bangs! Our gallery has been updated with photos from the event.


(Photos) Lily Collins covers Vogue Australia

Hello Lilyians! It’s been quite a while and we apologize for that – life has been quite hectic, but no fear because we’ve just updated our gallery with all recent photo sessions Lily has done (plus the magazines she’s been featured in)! While we work on what else is missing, we couldn’t help but post about the December issue of Vogue Australia that features Lily on the cover! Looking absolutely beautiful, she spoke to the magazine about season 2 of Emily in Paris, working with her husband and her future!


Lily Collins says she’s jet-lagged, but there really is no evidence of that. Here she is on Zoom, friendly and fresh-faced in an oversized chambray shirt, the day after she returned from her month-long Scandinavian honeymoon with her husband, filmmaker Charlie McDowell. The 32-year-old is framed by big windows pouring in all that gauzy California late-afternoon sun. It’s almost golden hour and the effect is stunning.

It’s been a lazy kind of day. This morning, Collins took her dog Redford to be groomed and squeezed in a facial. “Got to get hydrated!” she jokes, before her Vogue Australia photo shoot. Life is good. It’s the eve of the release of season two of her phenomenally successful Netflix series Emily In Paris and Collins is really savouring being in the moment.

“I think when I was younger I was far more focused on the future, because I knew so badly where I wanted to go and where I was headed. Or hoping to head,” the actor reflects. “That was my focus, and I lost sight of present moments, and the ‘now’ moments. My real focus and passion was with my work. It’s not to say I didn’t enjoy being with my friends, of course I did, but I was always so work-driven and future-driven.” Recently, that balance has shifted, Collins says. “But now, what I really want to find in my future is what I have with my husband and our dog, so that’s caused me to focus far more on the present, and the future will come.”

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(Photos) 15th Annual GO GALA

As one of the ambassadors for Go Campaign, Lily hosted the 15th anniversary gala with Robert Pattinson this past Saturday (October 23)! She looked absolutely beautiful in yellow, and while the gala was virtual, we were still blessed with some great quality photos of her posing behind the scenes with Robert and Scott Fifer. You can find photos from the event in our gallery!


(Video) “Emily in Paris” Season 2 Date Announcement Teaser

Salut, Emily in Paris fans! It has just been announced by Netflix, during their TUDUM Global Fan Event Livestream that the new season will be out on December 22nd on Netflix! Below, we salute you with the announcement video, giving you a sneak peek what Emily’s French holiday.

(Photos) First Look at “Emily in Paris” Season 2

Netflix unveiled today the first photos from the second season of Emily in Paris, and it’s looking très magnifique! While there is yet no release date announced, we can only hope for some answers this Saturday, as the cast will be attending Netflix’s Global Fan Event TADUM! In the meantime, you can check out all the stills in our gallery.


(Photos) Cartier Clash Dinner in Berlin

Hello Lilyians! This Tuesday, Lily attended a Cartier Clash Dinner in Berlin with her husband Charlie McDowell. Our gallery’s been updated with photos of them arriving at the event.


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