Published by Lindsey Published on April 25, 2012

Lily is featured in the upcoming People Magazine’s World’s Most Beautiful Woman issue which will hit newsstand this friday. People already released the first outtake of Lily, wearing no make up and still looking absolutely stunning. You can find the preview below, and be sure to head to our gallery for the full version.

You can watch Lily’s behind the scenes video and interview over here. We will try to add the scans as soon as possible.

With her ethereal good looks, singer Phil Collins’s daughter was the obvious choice to play Snow White in Mirror Mirror, opposite Julia Roberts. But the budding actress, 23, didn’t always appreciate her unique features. “It used to bother me – having bigger, fuller brows,” she told Seventeen. “Now I embrace them. I’ve realized the quirky things that make you different are what make you beautiful.”

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  1. lilgoddess says:

    She seemsto have gained a little bit of weight since mars 2012. Nothing significant but it’s there. She’s gorgeous regardless of that.

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