Published by Mikaela Published on May 1, 2011

I really sorry guys for the lack of updates on the site, but I have been very busy in my personal life. But now I am going to get the site up to date. Staring with Lily’s new cover!

Our girl Lily Collins is on the cover of the UK magazine Tatler, the June issue. It’s a 50’s issue and Lily looks so incredible, she looks so much look Audrey Hephurn, it’s so amazing! I have added the cover to the gallery, along with three amazing outtakes, hopefully we will get more scans and shoot outtakes soon. But for now enjoy this goodies with Lily!

4 responses to “Tatler (UK) – June 2011 – Cover & Outtakes”

  1. Lian says:

    OMG, such a cute shoot!

  2. Urania says:

    Hi! Thanks for the site update. I live in the UK and bought the copy of Tatler with the Lily cover and there are actually a few moere lovely pictures in the magazine that are not available on the web including an absolutely goergeous black and white close up whrer you can really see the Audrey Hepburn resemblance. Sadly my scanner isn’t working so I can’t share them.

  3. Hillie says:

    She indeed looks like Audrey Hephurn in this shoot, love it!:)

  4. cherie.craighead says:

    Lily Collins looks beautiful in all these pictures from “Tatler “magazine.

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