Published by Neide Published on June 9, 2019

For THR‘s annual class photo, 30 top TV actors reveal which co-star they’d call to bail them out of jail, the scene that had them squirming and what their dream spinoff would look like. Lily is one of the stars to speak about her favorite television series and her dream spinoff. Read all about it below.

001.jpgThe show you never missed as a teen?
“I had my Monday shows. I had my Thursday shows. I had my TGI Friday shows. So it was 7th Heaven on Mondays, and then Fridays were Sabrina the Teenage WitchTwo Guys, A Girl and a Pizza Place; and The Wonder Years on Nick at Nite. And I loved Freaks and Geeks, but that was only on one season. When I was in school, I would look forward to finishing my homework and being able to watch these shows.”

What would a spinoff of your show be?
“Fantine in heaven. Or maybe I’d do her earlier years — Fantine at home before she had to move to Paris. Otherwise it would be based in heaven. Or hell, but probably heaven.”

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