Published by Neide Published on July 31, 2017

Hello Lilyians! As you might know, all episodes of The Last Tycoon are now avaliable on Amazon Prime Video! We have added to our gallery high definition screencaptures from the second episode, titled “Nobody Recasts Like Monroe”. We have also replaced the screencaptures that were already in our gallery from the first episode with better quality ones!

We decided to not upload to our gallery screencaptures from all the episodes at once, due to the fact many don’t have the chance to binge watch the show and as we know, screencaptures might reveal huge spoilers. That said, each week we’ll add screencaptures from one episode of the show. Next week, it will be episode 3.

NOBODY RECASTS LIKE MONROE — Monroe’s personal life heats up as he pursues the beautiful Kathleen, who pushes against the idea of being a replacement for Minna. Pat Brady’s pet project has a devastating debut, forcing him to accept Monroe’s help. Celia gets cozy in her role as producer, so Hackett takes it upon himself to give her an education.

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