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Priest tells the story of a priest who disobeys church law to track down the vampires who kidnapped his niece.

You can read more about the movie, and Lily’s role here.

Public Appearances

Lily first began promoting Priest at WonderCon along with her co-stars and director, Scott Stewart, on April 1st and April 2nd. In May, she attended the press conference in Beverly Hills before joining co-star Paul Bettany for a Q&A at Apple Store Soho on May 11th, making it her last appearance.

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Style Files > 2011 > WonderCon – Day 2
Style Files > 2011 > Apple Store Soho


Lily’s first big role, she graced the issues of Nylon Guys (who called her the newest Scream Queen) and Marie Claire to speak about the role. She also did photo sessions for the publications, looking absolutely beautiful.

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[About starring in the action genre] “It’s such a departure from the only other film I’ve done, which is The Blind Side, and it was automatically appealing because the character Lucy goes… from being a damsel in distress because she’s kidnapped to being in control of her destiny and being a fighter. So I liked the parallels of that kind of role.. and to be able to be a young girl who has this this empowerment about her.”

[Describing Priest] “It’s an action-thriller based in a post-apocalyptic world… very Blade Runner-esque meets Mad Max. It’s a world of muted tones with high energy… last night I saw the film in 3D for the first time and it was beautiful. You literally feel like you’re in the city.. it’s insane. I feel like it’s the perfect way to bring the graphic novel to life.”

[On her favorite moment on set] “There’s this scene where I fly off the train. I’m in a tight corset for the whole movie but this time I had to have a harness under that so I was hardly able to breathe. And they flung me off.. I had to fall backwards off this train and 70 mile per hour winds were on me. I had to grab Paul [Bettany’s] hand and literally I was screaming for dear life because it felt like I was being pulled away… and Paul’s line is ‘I’ll never let you go’ but the amount of times he’d let me go as a joke or because the winds were too strong I was screaming my head off. So I have fond memories of shooting that day but I was petrified; I’d never had to do something like that before.”

[On working with Karl Urban] “Oh, well he was my seducer/captor and he’s so intense he would freak me out because he was so funny and then they would role camera and he would turn into this thing with his teeth in and [be] scary. He taught me a lot, you know, about immersing yourself into the role and just letting everything else disappear around you. He made it easy for me to be scared sometimes.”

(via GeekTyrant)

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